May 01, 2018

Arc’teryx products are inspired by and tested in our backyard. Vancouver is one of the wettest cities in North America. We live at the edge of a ~12,000km wilderness, the Coast Mountain Range. Our backyard is of the most unpopulated regions in the world, with diverse, unpredictable mountain weather and challenging terrain.

Arc’teryx is a hands-on operation. Our first harnesses was inspired by the latest material technologies and a desire to create better climbing solutions. We believe design is a process, not a formula. Our design centre enables us to create tools to design without compromises.

We are set-up for rapid prototyping with a focus on minimalist, durable performance. Testing ideas in the local mountains provides us with instant feedback and the opportunity to make revisions and try again.

Over the years, we’ve built our global network with long-standing manufacturing partners who share our values of fairness and responsible management. We have relationships with 23 facilities in Canada, China, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Philippines, Indonesia, Cambodia, Taiwan, El Salvador, and Romania.

Each facility must meet our standards for quality and production, adhere to clear and stringent labour practices, and demonstrate a commitment to reducing environmental impacts. An Arc’teryx label means that product was manufactured according to the values and commitments that our brand is built on, regardless of location.

ARC’One, our Canadian factory, enables us to develop new manufacturing processes for all products regardless of where they are produced. From the tools we need to the most efficient workflow. It is a place to experiment with niche and specialized items. Making one of anything is possible. What about a hundred or a thousand? With our manufacturing facility being a short drive away, we figure out how to scale.

It can take years of experimentation and revisions to create an Arc’teryx product. We don’t mind; they are made by people, for people.

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