Stronger and lighter, so you can run farther.

February 20, 2020

Born out of necessity in the rugged playground of the Canadian Coast Mountains, the new Norvan LD 2 Shoe is more resilient and lighter weight than its predecessor, with no compromise on performance.


• Vibram® LITEBASE sheds weight by reducing the amount of Vibram® Megagrip rubber in the outsole while still maintaining strength and longevity of the high-performance grip

• New resilient upper material increases durability and is exceptionally breathable

• Weighs in at 260g (M) and 220g (W)



New materials and enhanced construction reduce weight and increase durability. The Norvan LD 2 features Vibram® LITEBASE technology, saving 35g of weight in the outsole, while still using the same Vibram® Megagrip rubber compound to ensure an impressive, versatile grip. “I loved how comfortable the original Norvan LD was and that feeling is still there in the LD 2, even with the insane reduction in weight. From the moment I first put them on to the end of my longest runs, I can feel the support, cushioning and breathability working to make the shoe feel amazing.” - Josh Barringer, Product Tester


Long distances on technical terrain require all-day comfort, and the Norvan LD 2 delivers. The tongue has been improved to regulate foot temperature and prevent discomfort over long distances. A new lighter weight, long-wearing midsole with a 9mm heel drop absorbs impact, ensuring less foot fatigue. Built to withstand long runs on varied terrain, the Norvan LD 2 firmly stands its ground and at 260g is among the lightest longdistance trail running shoes.


Date Available:

January 10, 2020



Men’s – 260g (9US / 8.5 UK)

Women’s – 220g (7US / 5.5 UK)




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