June 04, 2018


Eye Of The Storm Production in collaboration with Arc’teryx is thrilled to announce the release of ’The Empire of Winds’ trailer, a documentary directed by Laurent Jamet. The film will begin a film festival tour with the Official Premiere which will happen July, 7th during Arc’teryx Alpine Academy at Chamonix, France.

Patagonia, the Southern end of South America, where the border bewteen fantasy and reality disappears. Between deserts and mountains, Arc’teryx athlete Johannes Hoffmann and Thibaud Duchosal are embarking on a 1500 km journey to the end of the world in company of local gaucho skier Lucas Swieykowski. But penetrating a territory where the wind reigns as master is not an easy task and reserves lot of uncertainties.

Born in Paris, Laurent grew up with two passions: image and mountains. After studying cinema, he started naturally to make ski films. During spring 2014, he travels to Greenland for his first featured film: Sedna, a story based on the Inuit mythology. The beginning of a long serie including ELBRUS, the 7th times awarded Eye Of The Storm movie, which is still doing some film festival.

Travelling all around the world to discover new mountain summits and new experiences, Arc’teryx athlete Thibaud Duchosal of France and Johannes Hoffmann of Austria are both ourdoor and adventure lover. Lucas Swieykowski is an argentine mountain guide and professionnal freeskier too, and a loyal Thibaud’s mountain compagnon as they have already appeared together in several movie projects.

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The Empire of Winds trailer:


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