Durable urban commuter pack pays homage to its roots.

June 24, 2019

The Arro Backpack has been an Arc’teryx consumer favourite for almost 20 years and Fall 2019 will bring a bold update, capturing fresh, contemporary style and efficient, modern day functionality. Arc’teryx designers looked back on the Arro’s success and pinpointed its overriding appeal as characteristics of an outdoor pack with an everyday style. The new 2019 Arro 20 Bucket Bag is an exciting evolution and addition to the Arro family, that fans of the original will love just as much. 


• Durable urban bucket pack

• Easy internal organization for daily essentials

• Lightweight and comfortable to carry



The fact that there hasn’t been a change to the Arro backpack in eighteen years could have put a great deal of pressure on newest Hardgoods design team member Ryan Hetzl. However, he chose to take the challenge head-on. 

“A product that has stood the test of time for this long, with little change, is definitely doing something right. There are always areas that could do with some questioning and revaluation, and that’s what sparked our conversations around what could be developed further. Knowing that the product was really well balanced we didn’t want to radically shift it away from this, instead we chose to sharpen it up in its current state.” 

Ryan Hetzl, Arc’teryx Pack Designer 



With the well-established Arro formula in mind, the Arro 20 Bucket Bag is a durable commuter backpack, designed for easy, on the go movement in an urban environment. Hybrid construction strategically utilizes weather resistant and durable nylon fabrics for external protection. Internally, the Arro 20 Bucket Bag is set up for efficient organization of daily essentials with smart compartmentalization. Securing and accessing those essentials is made quick and simple, with an easy pull-to-open/pull-to-close drawcord. 

Lightweight and comfortable to carry, the Arro 20 Bucket bag offers versatility for the everyday urban user. Available Fall 2019, the Arro 20 Bucket Bag is an exciting addition to the new Arro family 

This season, the Arro collection includes: 

Arro 22 – The original. Now with updated features and fabric. For everyday urban or hiking use. 

Arro 16 Backpack – Updated with new features and fabric. For an urban commuter. 

Arro 20 Bucket – New commuter bucket bag made for quick and easy storage and organization. 

Arro 8 Shoulder Bag – Durable urban commuter shoulder bag with dual compartments for daily essentials. 



Activity: Urban everyday 

Fabric: 420d Cordura nylon 6,6 basket weave 

210d nylon plain weave 

Date Available: Aug. 1, 2019 

Weight: 800g / 28.2oz 

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