August 01, 2018


NORTH VANCOUVER, Canada, August 1, 2018 -- Arc’teryx debuts The Science Behind Gore, one of four short films in the Who We Are video series exploring the brand’s heritage, ethos, and DNA.

The film explores the technology collaborations between Gore and Arc’teryx that have pushed industry standards forward, as well as the people and processes that continue to make it possible. Both brands have developed state-of-the-art testing facilities to ensure the products produced hold up to the elements and withstand wear overtime, while also experimenting with lighter, more breathable, and wearable materials.

“We launched our shell program with GORE-TEX in 1998 and have remained exclusively committed to their technology for all Arc’teryx outerwear," says Dan Green, VP Design Operations, Arc’teryx. "We work closely together to map the future and keep pushing performance boundaries -- our great shell offering shows what’s possible when Arc’teryx the ideas company combines forces with forward-thinking GORE-TEX engineering.”

Arc’teryx has worked exclusively with GORE-TEX since 1995. The exchange of knowledge between brands regarding waterproof performance allows them to continually push materials development and construction methods. Staying dry means warmth, comfort, and safety.

“When Arc’teryx launched their Alpha SV with GORE-TEX it became a garment that would transform the outdoor industry,” says Christy Haywood, Application Engineer for W.L. Gore & Associates. “In the years since Arc’teryx and Gore have maintained a unique and intimate working relationship that has changed the market in terms of the weight, durability, and architecture of outdoor products. Gore is committed to being the leader in engineering and technology which aligns perfectly with Arc’teryx commitment to unparalleled design creativity and construction. It has been and continues to be the perfect alignment.”


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