January 17, 2018


NORTH VANCOUVER, BC, January 17, 2018 -- Arc’teryx Equipment, the leader in technical high-performance outerwear and equipment is pleased to announce that “ideas man” Dan Green has been promoted to the position of VP Design at Arc’teryx after 17 years with the brand.

“My philosophy as a leader isn’t complicated - to encourage our design teams to constantly re-evaluate everything we do, so we can defend every direction we settle on.”

Ever the explorer, Green’s history with the company has always been hands-on, working the design or, starting with packs and moving to gloves, LEAF (Law Enforcement and Armed Forces) and equipment before taking the helm as its leader.

“Ultimately, my task is to figure out how our product is going to be relevant in the future. We have a long history of making big moves into unexpected places and we’re pushing as hard now as we ever have. It’s an exciting time.”

Green comes with an extensive and unusual outdoor pedigree. Always outside, his interest in exploring eventually lead him into Project Caving, a highly-specialized pursuit that involves mapping new cave passages. Skiing and climbing are involved, navigating unknown terrain (in the dark), and an intrepid approach to problem solving. A constant passion for 25 years, the caving reflects Green’s design philosophy of exploration.

"Our consumers are constantly evolving the way they experience the outdoors, at Arc’teryx our goal is to enable them with inspiring product innovations. The greatest strength Green brings to the team is his ability to connect the right people on projects. Collaboration is a key ingredient to the innovation development process at Arc’teryx.”

For President/GM Arc’teryx Equipment, Jon Hoerauf, team spirit and teamwork are critical elements in determining the brand’s design future. “Dan has a history here that is rooted in being allowed the opportunity to do what comes naturally to him and that is to be hands-on, testing his ideas and seeking new directions. He is going to ground the team in what really matters and foster their creativity.”

We look forward to what comes next. From Dan: “We are really an ideas company—Arc’teryx is going to be in your face for decades.”

Arc’teryx Equipment is a technical high-performance outerwear and equipment company based in North Vancouver, Canada. Our relentless commitment to design, craftsmanship and performance delivers breakthrough experiences.

Arc’teryx is named for the Archaeopteryx Lithographica, the first reptile to develop the feather for flight. Evolution in Action.