May 15, 2019

NORTH VANCOUVER, Canada, May 15, 2019 -- Arc’teryx Equipment announces the opening of its renowned Climbing Academy clinic registration for 2019. Taking place from August 22 – 25, Arc’teryx is proud to share its inspirational backyard with a community of like-minded climbers and outdoor enthusiasts. The annual event hosts 50 climbing clinics across three days in Squamish, British Columbia. This year’s Climbing Academy is anchored by strong female climbers, riveting and thought-provoking films and some of the most talented climbing photographers in the industry.  

"We are extremely excited by depth and intensity of talent at this year’s event. Lynn Hill is probably the most widely recognized female rock climber in the world, and a legend in the community,” said Justin Sweeny, North American sports marketing manager at Arc’teryx. “Her 25th Anniversary attempt to free climb the nose of El Capitan again with Nina Caprez is an inspiring story they will both be sharing over the course of the weekend.”

Alongside such notable climbing names, this year’s participants will also be able to learn from a variety of skills clinics that have been popular and successful in the past, as well as new clinics for the more adventurous. Arc’teryx recognizes the growing popularity of the sport and will be offering something for every level including gym to crag clinics that support new climbers getting outside, in addition to adding a new multi-day objective in the Tantalus for more experienced climbers.

Clinics and seminars are by registration only beginning today, Wednesday, May 15. All additional activities throughout the weekend are hosted in downtown Squamish at the Pavilion Park and free of charge. The community is welcome to join for live music, movie premiers, keynote speakers, climbing trade fair and a photography contest.


For more information about the Arc’teryx Climbing Academy registration and event schedules visit: http://squamish.arcteryxacademy.com. The video can be viewed or shared here.


About Us

The Climbing Academy is one of three mountain academies hosted by Arc’teryx across North America and Europe. The events create a unique environment to enable and inspire climbers and alpinists with developing their skills, experiences and self-sufficiency in the mountains. 

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